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The core group of the Northern Delaware flyers has
decided to have a SPEC plane streamer cut event, open to anyone!

Below are the SPECs to build.
Be advised there is no money on the line for this competition except to have fun!

Stay tuned for the scheduling announcement! But weather permitting, late April or early May.

We want to get this out to the community early it give ANYONE who want to participate some time to get thier SPEC build ready.

Air frame: FT Mini Scout


MOTOR 2205 2300KV

Servos - 6 ~9g. Micro Servo

ESC- 10A Brushless ESC

Battery - 800mAh 2S

Prop 6x4

Its not like there is money on the line so if your equipment is off by a little bit, no biggie.

Some things that need to be said. As we are still in the middle of a pandemic we will expect all people participating and spectating to practice all safe social distancing measures including wearing masks 100% of the time while in each other's presence.

There will be free flight before and after so bring lots of planes batteries food sunscreen and chairs.

All updates will be done here in this thread the location will likely be GBLZ but that is not official yet.
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Sunday May 16th Wings up at 12:45.
Come one come all, come to watch, come to fly.

The main event is a streamer cut between spect built mini Scouts.

There will be plenty of free flight before and after. At this point we should have about seven planes in the air at once, it's no flight Fest we will have fun just the same.