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Help! Depron painting

Ok, so I have this serious problem with getting some proper paper-foam-paper foam stuff, but I can buy depron for fairly cheap around where I live. Thing is though, the only color I can buy it in is black, something I don't really fancy. I would like to build my plane and paint it, but that would be a challenge to say the least with the black depron, wouldn't it?
How can I do one of the following:
a) Paint black depron
b) Hold back the tears because I don't have white depron
c) Paint black depron

It really kinda bums me out that I can't figure this out myself. Of course I could spray paint the whole thing white and then paint in details, but that would add so much weight it's not even funny.

So yeah..


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I've never worked with depron but you may be able to coat it in packing tape . that works fairly well on dtfb though the paint can be scratchEd off easyer.


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The weight of a light coat paint becomes less of a problem as the airframe gets bigger and the wings kick in more lift. Doing FT models using C pack sized motors with cool paint jobs works out great, and should be fine with the depron too. I'd recommend trying a couple different primers though to find one you can get access to that has solid one-coat opaque covering. And you've also got to practice your technique (i.e. not too close) to make sure you don't spray propellent on the foam or it'll melt.

Personally I love the Ironlak Sugar line of paints for that reason (and a few others). They are a little pricey, but when I am done in one coat instead of two or three I figure it's worth the expense. :D



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The Depron I used in the past was not a smooth surface for painting so when painted it seemed to use a lot of paint and became quite heavy.

To overcome this I tried to fill and seal the depron using "Micro-balloons". After the filling I gave it a light coat of Minwax equivalent to bind the filler surface and then gave it a light coat of colour.

Later I just used tape in the form of orientation stripes and a few other national symbols or insignia. I sourced a heavier FB eventually and so have not had to use Depron for almost 2 years now and sadly my Depron creations were either given away or met their demise in action.

Just what I used to do!

Have fun!
Use primers, my young Jedi...

I know he's painting over a white styrofoam, but the principle is the same - use primer to break the color, protect the material below it and make the final coat stick better. That's the whole secret. From my personal experience, you can sometimes get away with white wood glue mixed with some water instead of buying expensive primers. It's slightly heavier and does not break the color (meaning: it's almost transparent when it dries up, resulting in a final layer being somewhat darker than expected), but it adds tons of strength and stiffness to the surface.
Yes, paper covering may help; but it's far from being ideal. One thing is, the layer of paper may get destroyed if you are not careful with the paint and apply to much of it at once. Second thing: most paper sheets are relatively heavy. This downside is somewhat compensated in the FliteTest foamboard by using very light foam; but it may be too much for depron. And the third one is: you are introducing water/moisture sensitive element to the water-resistant building material. It may not be a problem for some specific applications; but it definitely is for me.
Well, for anyone following this thread, thanks for your answers.
My project will be a Bushwacker with a 2200kv motor and a 3s LiPo of sorts. Do with this information as you please. For me, this should mean that weight won’t be a big problem. Gluing paper will possibly make the whole thing work, but I will look around for more answers for a bit.
Thanks again!