Design program for Windows?

Michael G

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Can anyone help me find a design program for my p/c or laptop? Something simple & easy or what everyone else is using to design mini's and swappable's. I have an idea for making a Sopwith Camel by adapting both the se5 & dr1 and I rather not do it with pencil & ruller.


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@Michael G - I like your icon. I have always been fan of iron maiden and it's art.
TinkerCad works for some. Some others use AutoCAD because they is it at work. Others, SketchUp. Autodesk has an online/web browser based version. Other use inkscape I think.

I use AutoCAD


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Try ONSHAPE, you can use it for free if you are happy your design is in the public domain - this is a high-end cloud-based CAD system - we replaced SolidWorks with it as our development platform - browser-based OS agnostic!


Michael G

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Thanks for all the great ideas.
As for my icon only 1 I,M, song comes to mind with any hobby. "Can I play with madness".🤘