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determining reciever compatability with spectrum dsmx transmitter


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I'm new to RC and want to buy a spectrum dsmx transmitter AND build my planes using FlightTest plans. How do I verify that the transmitter will work with the dsmx transmitter and how do I setup the transmitter and reciever to properly communicate?


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Spectrum Transmitters work with DSMX protocol receivers.

There three main sources for these...

1. Spektrum brand DSMX receiver
2. Orange brand true DSMX receiver
3. Lemon brand true DSMX receiver

Spektrum brand is obviously the surest way but the most expensive. Different people have different opinions about Orange and Lemon but general reports seem to indicate they work quite well. Orange make receivers for other protocols used by other brands (eg Futaba) so make sure to only buy a true DSMX receiver.

Also a Spektrum brand TX will work with receivers that use the older Spektrum DSM2 protocol. Orange and Lemon still make these but you probably wouldn't buy one out of choice unless it is for specialized use (eg micro indoor or something) However if you buy used stuff there's a lot of DSM2 out there and you can use it if you want to.

There are possibly some off brands that also make Spektrum compatible receivers but probably best to avoid those unless you have good reason.

Receivers from other name brands like Graupner, FrSky, FlySky, Futaba, Walkera, HiTech, JR etc. will not work. They use different protocols.


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You connect the receiver to the transmitter using a process call binding. This will be described in the documentation you get but generally it involves powering up the Receiver in a particular way so it is ready to bind often indicated by a flashing light. Then powering up the transmitter in a particular way so that it finds the waiting receiver and communicates with it setting up a relationship. After that, usually the receiver is bound permanently to that specific transmitter unless you re-bind it. Search YouTube for Spektrum binding and you will find someone has made a video for you transmitter. Here's an example...