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Did I get the best deal for goggles on eBay?

I'm really new to the RC hobby and I really didn't want to spend any money on goggles but I was curious what was out there so I was rummaging through eBay and I found these for $60.
The brand is called Ehang and these are to be paired with a drone that is controlled by your phone that relays from the googles. I dont have any cameras to test it with but it has a camera on the front you can switch to and I have to say the picture doesn't look too bad, at least when the camera can adjust to the light level. The screen is large, bright and clear all the way to the edges. It has a single 5.8ghz antennae and can tune to 32 channels. I went to a local hobby shop that sells RC planes and asked the woman in the back if she could help me find a camera for it. She looked me straight in the eye and said "I never got into that first person view thing". They didn't sell cameras or drones so I still dont know how well they work but hey, I paid $60 bucks for them and If I have to hack in a skyshark diversity module I know there are a few tuts on Youtube. What do you guys think?
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These look like they will work with normal FPV systems. Just be aware that it also has a wifi transmitter in it you may want to disable so you are not doing funky things as well as wasting power. I am not sure if that can be turned off in the software or not. I have not come across a how to video for these in my search.
Ah yes. Good point about the Wifi relay. I'll take them apart and see what I can see later tonight. I wanted to peek at the 5.8 receiver anyways.


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32 channels sounds like it's got standard bands for video transmission; I'll be honest that I've never heard of Ehang before; might be something like a Skyzone knockoff? $60 isn't too bad a price; that's about what I paid for my Quanum Cyclops V2 headset. But, like Psyborg mentioned, that wifi transmitter might be pulling extra power that you don't need to have going. I'd definitely do some searching to see if you can find a manual for it. Is there any sort of model # or serial # on it that you can reference? We might be able to hunt something down for ya.