Differential thrust


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Hello! I'm looking for tips on setting up differential thrust on my 7ch lemon rx and Dx8e.
First off, am I even going to have enough ports? I don't have any landing gear, and on the Lemon ch7 is not available as it is dedicated to gyro gains and is assigned to the dial.
So that leaves me with:

I do have flaps, so either aux or gear is being used for that. I am kind-of familiar with mixing, I just don't know how to get started with diff thrust. Any help much appreciated!


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This is also a good reference to differential thrust setup. It is the same for the DX8e.

Which model Lemon Rx have you got? There is more than one model. Also make sure about the channels and I would refer you to the installation and setup documentation. Channel 8 is the one thats not available and you cannot use channel 5 for retracts.
Read the following threads:
RCgroups discussion
User Manual re-direct link
(Thanks to John [JJ604 RCgroups] in helping us with this user manual.)
This for the standard Stabilizer
This for the "PLUS"

These are my setup on a Dx8e and a Lemon Rx Stabilizer PLUS 7ch.


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I forgot there was a plus version! That is the one I have, thx.
I'll post back if I have any questions, thanks for the quick reply :)