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DIY FPV goggles?

Alright then i'll try here.

I have searched all over the place to find out if anyone has ever made there own FPV Goggles. So far, i have found every thing other than how it could be done. There has got to be a way to save a little money and make your own.

Any idea's?

I mean, if i have to i'll just get a monitor and to it that way but i rather look through goggles.
Making your own DIY goggles will be challenging. You would have to source the LCD or LED displays yourself, which by itself will be tricky. Then you have to drive both of them with some custom PCB circuitry, also not easy. HobbyKing just started selling FatShark goggles, which I think would be a more effective and cheaper way to go than to try your own. Whenever you make your own products, trial and error and a few prototypes is the normal process -- that period will be long for DYI goggles and I would bet that you'll be spending about 10 times the money doing your own compared to buying a pair of FatSharks for $290 (or so).
Good thread !
I would love to learn in detail how Trappy converted the Carl Zeiss Cinemizers into his ski goggles.
I am about to kick off the conversion of my Cinemizer OLED goggles into a pair of Ski goggles. I will document my progress. The Cinemizer OLEDs have not yet been released and won't be available for a while. Once they will be available, they will be in the 400 Euro neighborhood. But, they are without a doubt the most amazing goggles. The OLED screens make it impossible to see individual pixels and the colors are stunning. I wrote a full article about them once:



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Bruce Simpson over at RCModelReviews built a very low cost one from a welding helmet and I believe that he is working on more how to videos for low cost FPV.

DIY FPV Helmet

Hi everyone! I recently made a DIY Immersive FPV Helmet:
Asides from looking like a complete and utter plonker the results are amazing for the £20 it cost me to make :cool:

So for anyone looking to make something similar, here's a list of everything I used:
4.3" Display from eBay- £15

Old bike helmet I had lying around- £0

Some cheap brackets from Homebase in the UK (two right angled ones to mount the monitor onto, and two straight ones to extend the reach, keeping the monitor further from my eyes...)- £3.79 (difficult to find so here is the link to the straight bracket, I can't find the corresponding right-angled bracket that I used, so I recommend just going into HB and having a look around... (http://www.homebase.co.uk/webapp/wc...tNumber=314176&Trail=searchtext>MENDING+PLATE)

Some old screws, nuts and bolts I had in the garage to connect it to the helmet and extend the arms to lengthen the viewing distance- £0

Lots and lots of hot glue - £0 (if you've already got a glue gun...)

Some self adhesive velcro from Poundland to hold the screen onto the metal mounting bracket- £1

Turnigy 2200mAh 3S from HK- £6

An ice cream tub to block out the light (that's what that duct tape box thing is :)

Some cereal box cardboard covered in duct tape to block out the light coming from the sides

A male XT60 connector to solder onto the monitors power lead

Last but not least, some +3.5 reading glasses from Poundland to make the image BIG

Any questions just ask me, I'll be happy to elaborate on some of the design :D

Happy flying
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Bmsweb please do tell :D...I'm gonna loose my mind....Been pulling my hair out to see Bruce's video visor...Now you start teasing....

Show it or give at least a parts list :)...It surely will work you are a true craftsman as I saw from your youtube videos.


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I'll have it done soon, just waiting on ebay :( All up mine will cost $80-90 USD cheaper for you guys in the US due to postage but it will require a little DIY :)


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I'm thinking of going the mount a 3.5" lcd on ski goggles way and use granny glasses to further enlarge the picture...I've tried using this kind of glasses with my cell phone and the screen is really large...I like this, once I tried Fatsharks from some guys and found out that the screen size is not so big, was a bit disappointed..

The only problem with this 3.5" screen is that it goes bluescreen...

I've heard reports of a 4.3" that has better handling of static, but I don't know if I could trust that...

I would need for some guy to compare the 4.3" and 3.5" screen :D hehe
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Hi Guys,

I finally got to try out the Cheap FPV idea I had and they worked OK but the optics have an issue. I think its the lens they use in the MyVu Solo Glasses (these are available from ebay pretty cheap too).



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bmsweb did you make your own 5.8ghz antennas?
Yes I did and its not too hard, just a little time consuming. Here is the video I did on it. I used David's method to build them. Sorry about the video and Voice Over etc. I had problems with the original audio and it was a real pain to do this one :)