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DIY FPV goggles


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We purchased our first goggles off ebay over a month ago but that didn't work out (ebayer was a scammer). So we're looking for new goggles, I may have a look at these ones. I like the idea of Ski Goggles too. Nice job and thanks for sharing


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I like the diy idea and found the same glasses on ebay for $239 free ship. Since I am new to FPV I don't understand what makes these a better deal than the fatshark which includes tx/rx for $299.
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Hmm the idea is cool but 240$ for DIY googles is very expensive. Fatshark are starting at 300$ and you dont have to use the transmitter if you dont like. I dont know how the quality of these glasses is but for this price it should be pretty good.
the only thing better about these FPV goggles is they are more comfortable and they block out light better when i made mine FS goggles where more expensive and they only had the V1 out but the price is about the same for the average person its way easier to just get the FS goggles