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DJI Downlink + Fatshark FPV


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It doesn't appear so. In order for the two to work together they have to share at least one frequency. The DJI frequencies are: CH1-5705MHZ, CH2-5685MHZ, CH3-5665MHZ, CH4-5645MHZ, CH5-5885MHZ, CH6-5905MHZ, CH7-5925MHZ, and CH8-5945MHZ. The FatShark frequencies are: Ch1-5740MHz, Ch2-5760MHz, Ch3-5780MHz, Ch4-5800Mhz, Ch5-5820MHz, Ch6-5840Mhz, and Ch7-5860MHz.

As you can see, there are no frequencies in common.

Thanks for your fast answers :)
I am using the DJI Transmitter and the DJI Reciever i just want to use the goggles to watch the video, not to recive the signal.
The DJI Reciever is conected to the AV plug.


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As long as the DJI receiver has an RCA style jack for video out, almost anything will work, including FatShark goggles. Depending on the model of goggles, you may have to buy the cable separately.
The reciever has an chinch plug, i bought an adapter from a 3chinch coupling to an TRS connector plug.
Hope this will work :D

I also bought a adapter from an TRS connector to mini usb for my GOPRO.


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I've never heard of 3chinch before, but it is apparently the same as an RCA connection. Did your FatSharks come with a cable?


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Hey mate when you have a good go of the base SD's can you post a bit of a review for us. I am in the market for goggles and was thinking of going with the base and use my existing RX but I like the idea of the TBS RX with the dominator's.

Shure ill do this :)
I am so excited to get into FPV, this will be my first equipment.
I fly RC only since jan 2013 :)

Heres one of my videos i made: