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dji naza m V2 downwards wobble


Junior Member
hello everyone,
I have the dji naza naza m V2 bought a while ago. My problem is when I go vertically down, then he starts to wobble pretty hard.
It will be a bad gain setting, but I do not know how to begin

my setup:
REPTILE500-V3 Quad-Copter Frame
T-Motor MT2216-11 KV900
Graupner E-Prop 28-12.5cm/11-5 "
Dji 30A speed controls

regards ryan


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member

Does it also woble if you descend while moving laterally?

What you seem to be describing is descending through your propwash, and is common to all rotor craft -- This effect crashes full-scale helicopters.

Most pilots overcome this by giving it a forward or wide cork-screw lateral motion to keep the air below the airframe as clean as possible, so you're not fighting your own turbulance.


Junior Member
Hi Dan,
my english is not the best, I think you meant if I push my nose down he still woble. yes still, but I only have a 30% down elevator use.
Thanks for the quick response