Do Ready to Fly R/C planes come with Remote ID?


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All remote piloted aircaft - R/C planes, drones, gliders, VTOL, etc. under 55lbs are considered sUAS according to the FAA regs. Do any Ready To Fly R/C planes come with Remote ID?

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Very few have it so far. Only fully RTF units manufactured after Dec 21, 2022 are required to have built in Standard RID.

DJI drones are showing up with it built in.

All models will have to have an RID module or built in Standard RID by Sept 2023, unless the model is being operated in a FRIA or so less it weighs 250g.

It appears that a number of manufacturers of RTF models will omit a component from the product that makes it not fully RTF in order to comply. Owners will then be responsible for adding an RID module themselves.


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I'll look to ad an RID module as soon as they offer one at that 25 dollar price point the FAA promised. Saw the AMA recommended units in email today, all of them with Euro prices on them the cheapest being around 80 bucks and all of them for mounting to friggin quads.

They're gonna have to be available for purchase for us to put them on and I'll be darned if I'm spending more for a module then I do with most of my planes. Lawmakers always demanding things that aren't there then wondering why folks don't comply.


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Don't need to "comply" till much later this year..... Looking at a few cheaper options that integrate with ArduPilot.... But still haven't dropped the purchase button.....