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Examples for Part 107 and Remote ID

I think FliteTest may be the best hope I have of anything being salvaged from this mess so I'm going to give some examples of how this can affect me. I want to make sure I'm understanding it right.

Part 107
If I fly in a commercial plane and take a picture/video out the window I can sell it or post it on social media. No Problem.
If I put up a kite 150 feet into the air with a camera on it and take a picture/video I can sell it or post it on social media. No Problem.
If I go onto my property, in the woods, where when the leaves are on you can't see the sky and fly my quadcopter 1" off the ground and take a picture/video I must obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate from the FAA before I can sell it, give it to a non-profit or post it on social media. As that would be "furtherance of a business". Youtube is a business. Posting drone captured media to any website linked to a professional business is considered commercial use.
Do I understand this correctly?

Remote ID
Now the FAA is thinking about making me give up my homemade RC units and only use FAA approved Remote ID compliant store bought ones. Or I can try to go to a field where they fly the balsa wood gassers and fly in circles if they let me in. Is this correct?

If I make a plane powered by a rubber band, tethered so it only flies in a circle and is over
.55 lb it might need to be Remote ID certified. Correct?

This reminds me of when the EPA said that since they control the rivers and rain that falls on my property which will eventually go to a river, they have control of my property. The FAA says that since they control the sky/air and the air goes down to my grass they control the air at my grass. My grandchildren won't even be able to fly toy quadcopters in my backyard. This is a big over reach of the government.

This doesn't even take into account that in my state any property ran by the DNR is off limits to "drones". I think I might as well start using kites and poles for photography. I can get into a lot more interesting places.

Is my view of all this essentially correct?


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At this point flying a micro light aircraft with a camera on is going to involve less registration than any sort of model aircraft or drone.
If I take a picture with a micro light aircraft and use it for "furtherance of a business" I will still need to have a remote pilot certificate. From what I understand size of aircraft doesn't matter.

"If you are flying for recreation ONLY, and your videos will be for your private use only, then you may operate as a recreational pilot. On the other hand, if your videos will be posted on social media, or used for any other purpose, whether you are compensated financially or not, then you must operate under 14 CFR Part 107 and you must have a remote pilot certificate."


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They will have to arrest a lot of Instagram and YouTube posters if that’s the case. I can’t see how this can be enforced in hobby terms, it’s total crap.
Sorry you are having trouble finding out the means you need to pursue your safe, peaceful and creative hobby legally.
Thank you for your opinion and response but "everyone is doing it" probably isn't the advice I'm going to go with.
I do a lot of festivals and reenactments and have seen in the past state revenue people going camp to camp check on your tax ID number. Now it's on the application to provide it. The state is having the event organizers do the work for them.
If I was the FAA I would contact Instagram, YouTube and others and let them know they are culpable and subject to fines if they don't provide the remote pilot certificate information for the media on there website. Let them do the work for them.