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does anybody else realise this


WWII fanatic
Does anybody realize it has been over a YEAR since FT has released a 4ch mighty mini airplane, just saying. no insult to FT is intended here, because they have released great planes just wondering why they have shied away from these types of aircraft.


WWII fanatic
Ooooooohhhhh very interesting BUT I'm with TexMechsRobot maybe no picture next time, not that I'm mad that your making a mig 3 just, well what TexMechsRobot said


Posted a thousand or more times
Yup that's me! (Like putting a up graded bix 1.1 motor on a Concorde with a 13" WS! over 130kms with that 'un.)
But then again anyone want a 1.4m motor glider weighing 380g with a 800mah 3S main flight battery?


Staff member
Haha! I can honestly say this is just a prototype thats been in this stage for a while, so trust me when I say it wont be EXACTLY like this...Also, Ill tease a little bit different next time for those who do not want any "Spoilers" :)

Looking forward to seeing what people think!

Also, looking forward to what people think of our NEW RELEASE coming this month! IT LOOKS fantastic!