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Dominator HD3 Screen Problem- Help!


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My Fatshark Dominator HD3’s have developed a problem, I have been careful about getting sunlight in them etc, last week I went to plug in my gear and I got signal but the colour was all messed up. It’s red and blue on everything, the image is there, you can see the OSD but it’s totally off in colour and a bit pixelated. I am gutted as I use them all the time and my son is using my spare goggles.
I am running a Furious TrueD module, with a MenaceRC piko patch, plus a generic mushroom antenna. I run a home made umbilical to a large 2s battery instead of the Fatshark lipo. The problem occurs with both power supplies and all my available quads. I can try and get a picture but it’s hard through the diopters.


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It was fine until last week, I flew a load of batteries on my Sailfly, then crashed it and didn’t use the goggles again until recently when I went to fix my 5”.
3FAE491D-DB79-45A5-88F1-BE19173D0A31.jpeg B19882FE-64D0-4020-AE6F-FA597A06AA93.jpeg D864283C-CAD7-41F3-9CED-37227BDB4200.jpeg
Pictures, left hand pics are the goggle image, the spot in frame is a light reflection, not in the goggles.
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You can probably rule out the Rx by forcing it to use each side of the diversity (no antenna on one, patch on the other, then swap). If the problem persists on both sides, it's probably the goggles. Luckily Fatshark support is awesome, even if you end up having to pay for the repairs they are very reasonable (don't ask how I know ;))


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I got it better, possibly fixed. The screens work on HDMI, it was only on AV that I had problems. I have re calibrated the video module and played with the settings. It isn’t perfect but I can fly again.
I can’t get the module firmware updating to work at all, the Furious FPV video on it just skips on too fast and doesn’t tell you anything about trouble shooting the process.
Thanks for the help!