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Drowning in Screwdrivers


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I purchase Flite Test power packs. Love 'em. Eazy peazy. Perfect for a newbie like me. Allowed me to get in the air while understanding nothing about motors, ESCs, servos or connectors. Love that. Plug and play.

Have 8 power packs now and am about to order some more. I have several of each screwdriver I need. I don't want to end up like my dad with a drawers full of stuff I never used. And there's the whole issue of consumption. Limited resources. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

Anyone else support me in asking Flite Test to offer a "No Screwdrivers" option with their power packs?

We pay the same. Flite Test takes half of any savings and contributes them to a good cause of their choice. Perhaps they keep the money and use it to continue providing great content and resources. Up to them.

How many identical screwdrivers does one person need?

Ihichi Bolls

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Problem is the cost of having employees adding or removing parts from prepacked kits or having the room to stock 2 of the same kit with possibilities of stock getting mixed up.

Take the spares to your lical high school and donate them to tbe technologies department. I am sure they can put them to use.
I say it's always a good idea to have some sets of tools in various places where you might need them. Maybe a small set of tools for around the house repairs, a small set for auto work, a small set for your hobbies, etc.

Once you have exceeded the places you think you'll need them, then do as the Borg suggests and donate them.

Halloween is coming up to...maybe some neighborhood boys OR their fathers could use them. :p:D


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I have a travel bag I take with me when I go fly. some times I have kids come up to check out the plane and watch me fly/crash it. I always keep a couple screwdrivers in the bag and hand them out to the kids so they will remember the website. Might get some interested in the hobby


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You could just order the individual components from the Power Pack that you want. The ESC's and motors come soldered up with all of the connectors ready to go.


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Nobody around here to give them to. Anyone I fly with has plenty of more expensive screwdrivers and in our rural area, there are no technology programs per se in local schools.

Not a big deal for others from the sounds of it but I dislike waste.