Duplicating SKATE-- It is definately unusual

L Edge

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Back in 2012, ran across this UAV. Decided to duplicate this, When have you seen servoes/motors/props on the front acting as elevons plus thrust differential to control this machine? If you also notice, there are no surface controls on the model. Label it unique for sure and a first for sure.

Being old school, scaled it on paper and shaped airfoil from 1 piece blue foam. Reinforced with carbon rod and set up CW and CCW motor/props. Problem occurred with differential thrust and program mixed in tx, even with expo. A few RPM's differential caused a big yaw, so ended up using GWS mixer which allowed me to start both engines together and sync in the air.
I set the CG at 25% chord and if you paid attention to the video, you realize 2 things. Once the motors stop, you have no roll, pitch or yaw control and they fall off the rig to prevent total damage.
So, I ended up to make my landing by hitting the throttle cut just before flair and a tx program that turns the servoes up to end limit so props don't do damage.
After trimming out, began launching by sitting on the ground. Landings(not in long grass) caused partial damage from ruining props to stripping servo gears.

Here is maiden flight. Named it Eyespy .

Got tired of replacement parts so it went to my "bone yard".
Along came the KK2 flight controller and it was time to restructure it to see if I can formulate a "BI_COPTER" out of it so I can VTOL it. That is the only way you can really control it and prevent damage.
So now, the game has changed to learning programming this beast for a bi-copter format. Slowly getting it. Hover is real tough in the yaw axis.