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Durafly T-28 Trojan FPV

Hi Guys, here is a little clip from today. Unfortunatly we started on a not fully charged battery, so it was a short flight. Anyways, enjoy :)



RC Enthusiast
Neat, care to share pics of your setup?

I like the "hollowness" of sound you get with a closed canopy, but are you planning on removing the plastic to get a more clearer picture? you could cut out the plastic and leave just like "windshield frames" so you'd see clearly, but get the feeling of being inside of a canopy. That's what I'v seen people do a lot. I think on one Flitetest episode they mention that too.

Well I don't really care about how "clear" the image is, but sun glare might be problem at certain angles on a sunny day. I like to see the pilots footage too. Do you have a recorder to record the ground footage?