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Durafly warbirds

Hi all,

First of My name is Michael 47 years old and starting to be a ... no I'm a rc flite nut!
Oh and I'm from the Netherlands.

The FT crew made me even more of a nut, anyways atm still learning on the HK axn floater but waiting ready to go (sorta) is my Durafly P-51.
And now my question comes, although it came with a manual nowhere can be found what throws of the rudder ailerons or elevator are.
Ort even what hole of the horns to use.
Maybe this is a newbie question but I ask it anyway and maybe this thread can also be used to get some more info on the... setup of the Durafly warbirds

So this the end of my first post here.

FT team keep up the great work love what you guys doing.

God bless and fly save.



Welcome to the forums, SilverWolvie!

I own the Durafly Corsair. It is the BEST all around foam airplane I have flown. I've also flown the Durafly SE-5a and it is a great flying airplane, as well. I am a huge fan of the Durafly product!

For throws, I recommend placing the control rod in the middle hole in the control horn. The Corsair's elevator is very sensitive at this placement, so if you are still fairly new to RC flying, you may want to place the control rod farther outward on the control horn.

Good luck and let us know how things go with the Mustang.
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Also, if you want to know way too much about that airplane I would suggest going to RCGroups.com
There is a whole bunch of information at this forum as well. I love Flite Test and what they've done for the hobby and getting us into this crazy world of RC!
General rule of thumb is to start out smaller throws (outer holes on control surfaces and servo arms) then if you want go bigger (or closer in)