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Dusty Starfighter


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This will be my only airplane winter project (other than repairing every plane that I crash).

I got a motor that was an impulse purchase and wanted to try it in a plane. Its a racerstar 2514 1498kv and it looks awesome.

To match it, i ordered a 40a esc and some metal gear servos.

So this is my vision for this build...

I always wanted to build a duster but didn't... But i wanted it to be different as I built A LOT of flitetest and other foamboard planes.


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NerdNic inspired speedwing
elongated aerodynamic fuselage
carbon spar
fuselage based on the Duster
Vague resemblance to Naboo Starfighter
reinforced nose doublers and magnetic hatch
Power Pod with carbon fibre or Fiber reinforced plastic firewall
some LEDs for fun

I am hoping for a compact and relatively fast airplane.


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I've decided on using the duster plans as a starting point and ill make some mods to it.

I am cutting that out and going to figure out how i can have the minimum height to fit the power pod and all electronics in it.

I am also using Grifflyers l-39 v2 wing as a pattern but using a streamlined airfoil for minimal drag and good strength. I am going to try and see if i can make the wingtip tanks look like some sort of scifi motors. I am looking at 30-32 inch Wingspan with very mild dihedral


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I cut a channel in the wing where i gorilla glued a cf rod in and added a second piece of foamboard on top. I added about 3cm of dihedral as i glued the wings together. Once it cures ill remove the paper of the top pieces of foam and sand it to taper to a single layer at the wing tip to keep a slim but appropriate aorfoil shape