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DX6e Power button issues

Any one have issues with the DX6e power button?

This morning unit would not power off, hold button in and it looks to power down but screen goes blank and backlight stays on, it also chirps a little bit. Had to pull battery to get it off. Now it powers up when I reinstall the battery but it seems to not always power completely up and requires pulling the battery again to get it going. Everything else seems to operate correctly. Controller is about 10 days old!

I sent an email to Spektrum Support but that feels like it might take weeks to get resolved, what has any ones experience been with Support?
For sure sounds like a QC issue if it is only a few days old. Spektrum should take care of you. I wouldn't dig into it myself for fear of voiding the warranty.

Unfortunately (fortunately) I haven't had to deal with their support.


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If it is just a few days old then Spektrum should fix it under warranty. I got my DX8 fixed for free, just needed to pay shipping to send it to them.
Well, I put it down over night and picked it up the next morning popped the batteries back in and it’s working fine now. Not had an issue sense. I turned it on and off a dozen times just to see if I could break it.

Maybe the sun got to me or the hot glue fumes. All I know is it works fine now.