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Qx7 sticky power button

Flite Risk

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So I just resolved a very bizarre issue.

When storing my qx7 in it's carrying case (harbor freight foam filled metal case), I heard my radio turn on........Odd.
Upon further inspection, just applying pressure anywhere to the shell or radio body I could boot up the Tx. While flying I would hear 'receiver is still connected' but I wouldn't hit yes so it nevepowered down mid flight.
So I scrubbed for surgery.
I took off the back pannel, tried loosening the screws to the power button/trim board it got better, I could squeeze the shell or radio body and it wouldn't turn on, pressing the power button would turn it on like normal but too loose and I couldn't turn it off.
To make a long story short, basically I lifted the power / trim board without disconnecting any wires, then I applied a VERY small ammount of oil to 4 sides or the rectangular power button, grabbed it with tweezers, put it all back together and Its back to normal.
I see a radiomaster in my future though.

Hope this helps, sorry I didn't take pics

-Flite Risk
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This happens with all radios using plastic inserts to push buttons thru the case. the edges get filled with dust or dead skin or finger oils eventually trap dirt n stuff as well. Simply taking the cover off the radio once a year popping those plastic buttons out and washing it all with warm soapy water will clear it for another round of use.

Adding oils into something that already attracts dust n dirt may work as a temp solution but long term will only attract and hold more.