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DXe to Android Phone Programing DXe App Connection

I spent alot of time in the past few weeks trying to connect my DXe to my android phone to the DXe Programing App. I down loaded the Programing app several times after purchasing the spektrum blue tooth module and was unable to connect the two with a consistant connection, it would connect but It would not maintain the connection. I attempted to utilize my wife's I Phone with less than successful results. So I returned the module. I had no problem with my PC connection, but I could not connect with my android phone which made changing setups in the field for several models impossible. I called tech support for Spektrum and inquired if the PC Programing cable SPMA3065 would work with a USB / OTG adapter, they stated it would not work with the phone app. After searching several forums I found a post that stated if you use the PC programing cable SPMA 3065 with a USB / OTG adapter it would give you a faster connection than the spektrum programing audio cable which is no longer in production. So I ordered a USB / OTG Adapter and connected my android phone to my DXe utizing the PC programing cable SPMA3065 with the USB/OTG adapter and it worked perfectly. So for those members out there that are struggling with trying to get your android phone to work with the DXe programing app for a $5 or $6 dollars purchase of a USB / OTG adapter this might solve your connection problems like it did mine. I hope this helps someone with a DXe and a Android phone DXe Programing app connection.

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I have a piece of gear that plugs into my cigarette lighter in my old pickup, it receives bluetooth from my phone and transmits it onto an FM radio frequency that my truck radio can then play over the speakers in my pickup... $15... I Have a DXe and have often found myself frustrated with it. Why is it so hard for, even a reputable company, to come up with a low budget interface that can run on a phone app with blue tooth? When they made the DXe it should have been built with blue tooth from the beginning...