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E-Fest 2015 by Hobbico @ Champaign

Just wanted to touch base on here and find out who was going to be going to E-Fest January 24th & 25th in Champaign? It's kind of like the horizon indoor event except for its in a huge gymnasium at the University of Illinois campus and it's a lot of fun. I'm actually going both days and I'm definitely going to be rocking out all of my flight test swag. Bringing my 8 year old daughter for the first time who is really starting to get interested in flying so if anyone is going maybe we could try to get together if nothing else than to hang out.

And if anybody on here his friends with the flight test guys can we try to invite them? it is only like 6 hours from where they are to Champaign. Everyone have a great day.

And here's the website for it I know it's a little on the simple side but it's still a good time.



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This looks like fun and I'm going to try to make this. I'm about new as new can be (my trainer plane arrived yesterday and hasn't left the box yet because of travel). I figured it would be good to meet some other people, learn a bunch and the kids would enjoy it also. Hope to meet some FT forum people there.

Ive been to Efest once in the early days, very memorable... Now with my 16 year old we plan to come this year. Researching hotels today, the even Marriot is sold out $90 but it looks like via Priceline.com there are serious bargain motel prices in Champaigne.. I didn't commit to an offer yet but sub $40/night may be possible. If there are a couple fliers interested is sharing costs ie like a dad and teen it might be a riot?? We are coming from Madison WI. text me at 608-5152327 if interested.
Efest is an experience to be had but the wait to fly was too long for.my.liking and their fieldhouse actually feels small after flying in the Akron university fieldhouse.

Go and have fun! There are tons of vendors (buy something from LukesRC) and the competitions are cool to see as well.
Just don't plan on tons of flight time.
So I apologize for not getting on here sooner. I am definitely excited about going. @Team Monkey This is my first year but I have heard that from people in the past about the lack of flying time. I do know Im going to put my delta with the suppo motor setup in for the combat phase! Lol should be fun. Luckily I only live about 90 mins away and Im staying with friends in the area (sorry rcgreaves!) But I totally wanna meet up with some of the great flite test people going. Ill be going for both days heres my email and cell if anyone wants to try and get together.

I pondering coming along with RC Greaves. Should know in a day or two. He actually taught me to fly so we are just down the street. I would love to meet some FliteTest folks. Would be fun.
Looks like RCGreaves and I will be there. Woohoo.

My cell is 6085763560 if someone wants to text me there and get together. Not sure what planes I will be bringing.
I will be there with my son and father-in-law. Bringing our FT flyers. Tried to get a couple mini speedsters done but ran out of time to get them flying right. Looking forward to meeting some other Flite Test fans.
JoeB76. Hope to find you in the crowed. Will be great to see some WI based FT fans. I will have a FT flyer and a bloody wonder. Not sure if the Bloody Wonder will be too heavy to fly but we will see. Get my cell from the post above and text me at some point if we don't find each other. I will also have my UMX Radian and a Twisted Hobbies Crack Turbo Beaver along. You can't miss that plane. I have the Blue model. Most people get the red one.



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I didn't get to make it Saturday but my oldest and I came over Sunday and just left. He was so excited the entire time and got quite a bit of flight time in. He loved seeing all the FT planes. I stopped to take pictures of a couple of them and everyone was so nice and helpful and immediately mentioned the site and the plans and speed build kits (and helped me figure out my bad landing gear job). What a fun day and great hobby. Hope to meet so many more FT people in the future.
This was our first event and we had no idea what to expect. Can't wait to go to more events.
Guys I had an absolute blast hanging and flying with you. RCGreaves tell your son thanks again for the help with setting up my radio. Joe great getting to meet you your son and father in law (he was a riot and we kept going back and forth) and look into getting fpv, your son seemed to really enjoy it. Frogman what can I say. You sir are just an awesome guy and Im really glad I got to meet and fly with you. Addy says thank you for trying to help her fly. You made a good trip into a great one.

Dale sorry I missed you I had to leave around noon but maybe we'll meet in the future.
BGFireGuy, it was great hanging out with you and your lovely daughter. She was a great helper installing my lights on the Twisted Hobbies beaver. I was glad to help her on the buddy box. Just about the time I had to run do something she started getting the hang of it. Hopefully she progressed a little bit. Thank you so much for trusting me with your FPV gear. I was worried after my mixed success on the Saturday evening flight if you would let me behind the goggles again. On Sunday I nailed it right down to the near perfect landing....all while being recorded for a video I am making....not bad. It was truly a blast. Not sure when I will move into full blown FPV with goggles. Just not ready to drop the cash on it yet but it is in my future. It was too much fun. Thanks again and tell your daughter I said hello. I will be working on all the footage I shot for the work I was doing there and will post at least the clip of you guys doing FPV together.

Here's a pic of the Beaver all lit up if she wants to see it again.

BGfireguy - I think you got my son hooked on fpv. He is already talking about saving up for it. Really appreciate that you shared it with us. Awesome!

I had a great experience at E-Fest this year, glad I got to meet you guys.