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Eflite Mini Funtana, Pattern plane or is it really a 3D plane?

I had a friend give me an Eflite Mini Funtana today. I have been reading a bit on it, and it sounds like it's a better pattern plane than 3D. Does anyone have any experience with this plane? Overall, it's in good condition but completely devoid of all electronics, with the exception of the motor.

My skills are not very good yet, I have only been back in the hobby for a short time, after a 30 year hiatus. Should I even bother getting this plane in the air, or should I wait until I have more stick time on my PZ T-28?


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Sport/pattern. It isn't really made for 3D.

Try to stay light with it. If it's the mini funtana X, then it's a great plane. The regular mini funtana can get heavy fast, and then doesn't fly as well.

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Are you talking about this one or the mini funtana x?


It's definitely a 3D plane. It may not be a beginners 3D plane, but it's very 3D capable. I think the x version is more capable, but the one you have is a good plane. It has the large counterbalanced tail surfaces, looks like an edge or extra, and that's what most of the larger 3D planes are. It definitely won't do 3D as readily or easily as a profile plane, but it's not designed to. I'd say if you have a good handle on the T-28 then you can take this one up. Keep your rates low and your expo high initially until you get used to it.
If the original only came in yellow, then I think it's the "X". I put a picture of my plane below. The broken prop is only on there so it has a prop. It just doesn't look right without a propeller.

EDIT: I just went and looked at some pictures of the X, and this one is definitely not the X.


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That's a little different, seems wider bodied. Maybe it's the paint job. I wouldn't know if it's a great 3D plane but if it has enough power than I'd definitely be trying some 3D maneuvers with it. Are you looking for a good 3D plane or hoping it's more of a pattern flyer?
At this point, my skills are certainly not at 3D level. For now, I am just going to fly it! My only problem, no electronics for it at the moment... unless I take something else apart. I just started working on my Super Cub today, and all the guts from the OD green and white plane you see in the background of the Mini Funtana are going in the Cub. That foamie is just too much of a handful and really is hard to fly, so it's really not a sacrifice to gut it for the cub. In a couple weeks, I'll have enough money for servos and speed control for the Funtana. Until then, it looks good in the hangar:D

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Nice. The edge 540 is my favorite sport plane. Depending on their weight and power, they are extremely 3D capable planes, also make really fast pattern planes too though. Can't go wrong with an edge. Be wary of tip stall when landing as the flat wing isn't usually very forgiving of that, at least watch it until you learn it's characteristics.