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Electronics for HK F-22 EDF

Hey all!
Im new to the flite test forums, and i need some help!
Im definately not new to the rc basics, ive had numerous rc cars, electric and nitro. Im very familiar with what all of the electronic parts are, and what they do. However Im just getting into the rc airplane world! I had a mini super cub and i dove down and pulled up and the wing snapped and its trashed. so I purchased an HK EDF F-22 jet. It doesnt come with any electronics at all. I already purchased 5 micro servos for it. I would like suggestions on transmitters and ESC's. Im looking at the turnigy 9x, and im assuming that it will work for this purpose? I was also looking at a cheaper option, the hobbyking 6channel 2.4 system: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/..._4Ghz_6Ch_Tx_Rx_V2_Mode_2_USA_Warehouse_.html
Im looking for budget performance here. Id rather buy the HK transmitter, as obviously it is cheaper. I need atleast 6 channels. Is range an issue at all with this? Looking into the future in the hobby, Ive fallen in love with the idea of FPV. But i will do that later. I saw the flite test video of the skywalker X8 in the clouds, and i really want to try FPV. Do you think the HK transmitter can reach up and around the clouds? I live the northwest, and the clouds are low here, but I just want to make sure. Is the range around under a mile? Just under a mile is my goal. That would be more than enough for my purposes.
On to ESC's, which should i get? Once again, budget is a key factor. I dont need really any programmability at all. It will be used with a 70mm edf, and for now ill be using 4s lipo. I will definately want to upgrade later to 6s lipo. So max cells would be 6s. Im not sure how many amps id be pulling on 6s, so maybe some suggestions about that would be great! Also of course that durability feature is a must.
Any help would be appreciated! If i posted in the wrong spot or something, dont hesitate to correct me! Thank you!