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Pumpkin drop event

Elevon Mixing?


Senior Member
Ok as some of you surely already know from my other posts regarding my failed FT Delta attempts, I began wondering if I was perhaps getting too much throw and that's why my jerky, unexperienced fingers were shooting it into the ground each time...

The spektrum automatically cuts the throws in half when elevon mixing is turned on...I went onto YouTube to fine out how to calibrate that out. Should I just leave the throws at half? Do you think I would get enough throw with the default throw settings from Spektrum?



I'm a care bear...Really?
in all honestly we need see how much they are moving before we can guess. You could try and reduce your throws and see how that happens


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Yeah, dropped the throws way down and it was much easier to control. I got the aileron D/R and expos to work too, that was great for once it's at altitude.