1. M

    new, need mixing

    hello, Im new to the hobby and built a few planes, "(crazy dihedral) pizza box, FT mini mustang, ftforum Bugatti, and ftstem Alpha-Charlies". Just recieved my TX a UGFPV nirvana, very excited and still haven't played with all ther features. Looking for good 3 channel rudder-aileron mix/config...
  2. ItMightFly

    DX6i Two Throttle Channel Mixing

    So, trying to put a Superbee together, and getting ready to maiden. One slight problem, I can't figure out how to mix two throttle inputs. Being new to mixing channels, I don't think I have it right. I open the Adjust List, click on my MIX 1, then set it to look kinda like this: THRO-> GEAR ACT...
  3. D

    Ailerons - two servos one input

    Hello all. I have been looking all over flite test.com and YouTube to find out how am I supposed to connect two servos to one aileron input on my 6 channel spectrum receiver. Do I need to buy yet another Y harness for these? Or am I supposed to use another input and configure it in the mix of...
  4. H

    Help with my hovercraft build

    Hey guys I need some help with my hovercraft that I'm making. It's very similar to the one shown on Flitetest a few weeks ago. I'm trying to attach my forward thrust motor to my elevator channel. Everytime I try, it just cycles through the arming process over and over again. I tried changing...
  5. K

    Throttle Mixing - DX6i No Good..Other radios?

    Please help me! I am trying to build a special new type of quadcopter and I need to try mixing from elevator to throttle but my DX6i doesn't allow it. I am willing to purchase another radio (granted its a reasonable price for a student like myself) if that radio has the mixing. Keep in mind...
  6. D

    mini problems

    Ive finished building my mini guinea with the corresponding power pack. I connected all of the servos correctly and connected the second motor to the AUX1 channel on my reliever(spektrum a610). I connect the battery and the esc connected to AUX1 beeps in a pattern like its going through its...
  7. C

    Do you use throttle mixing?

    I added some up elevator to my UMX Pitts when it is at 0 throttle. I did 25% but I don't notice a drastic change in handling. My Delta Ray has a tendency to pitch up and stall without down elevator under full throttle. I was thinking about adding a mix to help with that. Does anyone else use...
  8. T

    How do i program DX6I for drag rudder. AKA differential Yaw !!HELP!!

    Hello, I'm just finishing up a flying wing I designed. I just picked up a new Spektrum DX6i and I'm having trouble figuring out mixes. Its a traditional elevon setup however I have drag brakes on each wing (similar to the B-2), each with their own servo. How do I setup so that when left (or...
  9. M

    Servo mixing

    Hi, Does any one know if this transmitter has mixing for the ailerons? NuoYa005 2.4G FS-CT6B 6CH
  10. K

    Elevon/Flaperon Mixing on DX6i

    I have been searching for how to do this an normally i just try and find an answer but it seems that the answer is eluding me. i modified a titan foam chuck glider and added elevons but no ailerons and the plane flew fantastic as a simple trainer. i wanted to add aileron+Flaps to start...
  11. S

    Elevon Mixing?

    Ok as some of you surely already know from my other posts regarding my failed FT Delta attempts, I began wondering if I was perhaps getting too much throw and that's why my jerky, unexperienced fingers were shooting it into the ground each time... The spektrum automatically cuts the throws in...
  12. A

    BN Versa/Orange receiver issues

    I'm just completing a BNV using Spektrum DX6i and Orange 3 ch receiver and I am having problems with the receiver setup. I'm pretty sure it's something obvious I am missing. When I setup the DX6i in aircraft mode and use elevon mixing I get the ailerons on the elevator stick and the elevator...
  13. L

    Limits & Mixing Strategies.

    Hi Team, Full marks to everybody @ FT for providing inspiration & a fantastic service. Despite being an old bugger, I'm a newbie to the sport. I'm learning a lot by trial and error. For example after my first dozen or so prangs I started limiting the travel of my control surfaces, adding...