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Elevon Reversing

Got up early to clean up my work table (haha never happened) to make room to work on my FT Delta. The build was simple and went together without any problems. After centering the servos and adding the linkage stoppers, the pushrods slipped into place. Got out my Orange RX transmitter, went and changed the setting for elevon mixing and attempted to check the elevon setting by watching the plane as I went through the motions. The motor came to life with no problems but the settings were reversed.

I watched the videos on elevon settings a few times and went back to the plane. Turned on the transmitter, pluged the battery in and yep the same problem. Switched the servo connectors and can you believe it, the same thing was happening. Pushing the stick back and forth gave me a left, right reaction, and pushing the stick right and left gave me an up, down reaction. Ughhhhh!!! Went back to the owners manual reread it, looked at the plane and everything was hooked up as per instructions.

The only other possible setting to change is reversing the elevon setting. For over 15 minutes I went through just about every possble area that could be switched. Sadly the plane sits on the work bench in the same condition it started out with.

If anyones knows this situations first hand, and can suggest a helping set of directions, please do so and thank you.


Bernie - I think it is a matter of finding the correct combination of (+) and (-) in the mixer editor. For instance, my combat wing's set up like this in my mixer editor:
CH 1: 115% Aileron
-100% Elevator

CH 2: 115% Aileron
100% Elevator

CH 3: Throttle

I don't know if this will work in your radio, but just play around with the positive and negative values and you'll find the right combo.
I think that is the easy way to fix it. However I think you can just turn a servo around and get the same effect. If there already glued in it's probably easier to do it through the radio.
This is probably a silly question, but did you place the servos properly? If you didn't (say, the servos are both facing left) this would happen.