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Elmer's foam board

Would Elmer's foam board work ? I find it nicer than the dollar tree foam. Costs me $3.00 a sheet up in Canada but it seems stiffer and has a nice finish. I find the dollar tree foam board leaves little fluffs on the surface where Elmer's is nice and smooth and leaves a super clean finish even after painting
zapper all the Dollarama's I've been in the GTA now stock the Elmer's foam board for $1.25 instead of the older Adams foam board. The Dollaramas in Hamilton should have them.

That being said, I use them on all my scratchbuilds, I prefer elmers brand anyways.
Thanks Victor: I will have to check out dollarrama as we have one on every corner down here I got my last couple at Wally Mart for $3.00 each concidering Micheals sells them for $5.00 I thought the price was right

Anyway thanks for the tip



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You lucky so and so's. I have searched and researched access to quality foam for the last 2-3 years and the best we have here in West Australia is Depron Foam and the best price I can find is $15 a sheet - 1000x700.
if only I could be looking for $1 vs $3!
Make the most of it for us out here in the wild outback!
I would stay away from elmers brand unless unless you like picking bits of paper off the board during prep work for gluing/folding. It is really durable though, great for simple design fuselages thats about all I liked about it. Also the elmers foam board at Michaels goes on sale for as little as $1 a board, just keep up with their sales ads.


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Elmer's foam boards are HEAVY. Trust me, I have used this foam board on my RCPowers F18 and it is a brick. I went to Office Depot and got me a 3 foam board pack (20"x30) that was $15 and It is very light and easy to cut. I used this new foam for my FT Cruiser, it is very light weight.
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Just checked the weight of the elmers dollarama foamboard I have here. It weighs about 130g for the 20"x30" sheet.
Do you happen to have the weight of a sheet of your stuff?
How thick is this foam board? I'm looking for some in the UK but wanna be sure it will work with FT plans!
Yeah, watch the thickness of the foam boards. I got some that was significantly thicker than 3/16's and didn't realize it until half way through the build. It made it really difficult to get right angles when doing the A and B folds. If you get thicker board, just remember to adjust the score cuts accordingly.