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EMAX GT2815/07 motor, help with it


i bought a GT2815/07 motor, 1100 kV, 120G, 10x5 propeller

can anyone redirect me to appropriate parts that are cheapest as possible and i can build a reasonable nut-ball plane with it?


Full Circle
In reply to your siimilar post on another thread as well as this one,
If you want a cheap starter transmitter, go with the HK T6A V2 transimtter from HobbyKing

It may not be the best in the long run, but it is a good starter. My only gripe with this transmitter is the amount of battery it uses.

Are you just starting out? If so, I would get a different motor and shelve that one temporarily for a really big future project.

For a nutball, go with a 10A ESC, a HexTronik 24 gram 1700KV motor, two 9 gram servos, 2s 500mAh battery and some foamboard

And Welcome to the forum!

so this is a powerful motor and heavy too. i was trying to buy some parts from hobbyking yesterday but some of the items flitetest recommenced for nutball were out of stock or backorder. and i also read somewhere about customs problem while getting items from abroad, i am from india. do we really face such problems, or ordering from hobbyking will not be a problem at all?


Full Circle
You can just order the parts and your order will be reserved. For most of the parts listed by flitetest, those items are very popular and are restocked reasonably frequently, about every two to three weeks. As for customs, I am not so sure about India, but in the U.S., customs is not that big of a problem. My packages usually spend a day or so in customs before being sent off. One common gripe about Hobby King is that their customer service is really terrible. However, with their cheap prices for hobby parts, it is sort of balanced out. So in a way you are taking a chance at having your order perhaps slightly damaged. Personally, I have had about ten orders, not that much, and none of the packages were really damaged.
wait till all gets fine

i also get damage packages info in rcindia forum and many are complaining about customs specially with big items like radios. :) i have to figure out a better way, maybe someday. till then i can only play with my gliders or cheap heli