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epoxy or CA?


I am looking for the right glue to use to glue the fuselage of my Bixler together. I have read some of the posts on various forums about this topic and there seems to be some debate as to whether epoxy or CA is better to use.

What is your opinion? My local hobbyshop recommended 5 minute epoxy, which I purchased.



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CA is faster, Epoxy is heavier. I would recommend Hot Glue, as it is more crash resistant than the other two.
Now, It's your decision, but I do like hot glue for My AXN, which is very similar to the Bixler.
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second for hot glue. if you saw what my first plane looked like after an oops on my first ever flight. I glued it back together in 20 mins. the nose looks like a boxers nose...... pushed to the right.


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I used epoxy. It didn't really hold that well. In hindsight I would have used hotglue. Either way I would strengthen the bottom with a strip of extreme packing tape!
Where are you? If you have time, are at home, and want to do it permanent Poly U glue. Get used to this stuff first. Get an inch of it, mist it gently and stir it together till it starts to turn creamy. That means its starting to foam. NOw, with scrap smear a thin bead in the center of two similar pieces to your problem and tape them together. An hour from now it will be all expanded but it won't be hard. See how much oozed out and plan accordingly. this is just to get you used to the material. Wait overnight and it is hard and won't come off for nothing. It's also as strong as the foam the Bix is made out of. It's as tough as bumper foam.

Get the pieces to your Bixler egg in order, glue them similarly and you can put it all back to new. Lighter, stronger then hot glue, epoxy and CA. It's wonderful stuff, use it sparingly and accoringly.

If you're just at the field, want to get it back together and fly and don't care what it looks like, Hot Glue is the fastest fix. The wrong CA will melt your foam and frankly makes an inferior bond.

Poly U doesn't have any noxious fumes that will give you problems like CA can. Not that I don't like CA, I use a whole bunch of it. But not on foam.
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Good Epoxy is bendable when cured, expensive and takes a longer time to cure. The cheaper, quicker setting epoxy's are brittle and will shatter on impact. White gorilla glue is great stuff and expands less than the yellow polyurethane glues.

Neither....white gorilla glue, especially if you EVER see yourself needing to pull the the fuse open again at a later date to install a new thingiemabob or whatshaveits.