ESC to motor #3 contanst beeping while configuring in GCS.. any ideas?


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hi, well i was working on my RCX 175mm 1806 emax, DYS SN 16A esc.. cc3d atom, 3s 1300. 5v from the PDB.

anyhow, so i solder up the quad. hooked up the cc3d atom. flashed to the latest open pilot. ( planed on flashing dronnin after i get it in the air on open pilot)..

every thing went fine till i get to motor 3 on the sliders in the ground control software.. all the motors 1,2,4 spin up at 1119, and when i slide motor #3 to 1119 i get a constant beeping.. i have no clue what that means.. do i have a bad ESC? or bad ground? im just not sure.

i made sure all signal wires were going to the right pin.. i saw no visible shorts.
no blue smoke.

i have a doctors appointment tomorrow. pain doctor, yay blah. i hope i feel well enough after my doctors appointment to figure this out assuming i can... anyhow, if you have ran into this problem let me know what you think it is.. this is a new one for me.. i am a noob tho.. just glad i felt up to working on this.. i need to get it in the air and off my work bench so i can start my next project.. im spreading my wings and i ordered a plane to fly around the yard on top of it all. laughs. and i have a Ft mini wing on my kitchen table taped to the foam board waiting for a exact o knife. :D yay RC stuff. :D

( im gonna look into the future.. and i bet the answer will be tear it apart and re solder the ESC? i do not feel up to trying that so i figure id ask here.. but that is my next plan of attack assuming i feel good enough tomorrow after i my doctors etc. )


could it maybe the connection between the motor and the esc, cold solder joint?

the esc are direct soldered to the motors. i noticed one time the motor try to spin a bit then beeping.. then no motor movement. on repeat trys starting and stopping the sliding action.
ok bed time for me. thanks in advance guys.. with out your help id never be building these quads. im about as dumb as a box of rocks. :)
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Did you do the throttle min / max calibration? if not make sure you do that. If you did you may have done what I did setting mine up and managed to get into the setup mode for one or more of the esc's because you waited to long to drop the throttle after connecting the battery. If that is the case you need to default the ESC(s) and redo the throttle calibration.

If that does not cure the problem then you may have to check all of your solder work and connections as well as make sure the no working motor isn't damaged or jammed with something.


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Constant beeping or are you getting a pattern?

Some ESCs will beep out error codes when they sense a fault . . . which would hint that your ESC might be defective. Seeing a change in behavior between "on" and "off" means the board is sending the ESC data and the ESC is hearing something. swapping ESC channels would completely rule out the board and connections.

I don't turn my nose up at DYS products, but they're also on the low end quality wise -- I wouldn't rule out one "dud" in a batch of 4.


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I'm with crafty Dan on this one, I bought 6 of those exact esc's for a quadcopter (2 extra, what could go wrong?) and 3 turned out to be faulty. Try the ztw 18a spider esc, I've had zero problems with them and they are about the same price as the dys 16a (purchased mine from hobby King)


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thanks guys. its probably a dud. its not a pattern tho. just a steady beeping.

im in a lot of pain today.. so dunno if ill be up to resoldering. but ill order another esc.

yeah i bought these esc on a blow out price. it was like 18.00 for 4.. i bought 8 of them. the other 4 work on the zmr.

i bought the SN since they were getting good reviews from here then it turns out this one seems to like to catch fire.

i bought little bees pros for my next project.

ok time to get ready for my doctors.. off to take a shower.
thanks again.


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I had a similar problem after desoldering the esc pins on a naze 32 then direct soldering the esc wires to the fc. Turns out I cooked one esc signal pad in the process and one esc would beep for it was not getting signal. Remapped motor output to a different signal pad and all was good. But I narrowed down the problem using the steps craftydan posted. Swapped connections to see what happened :)


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hey guys. thanks for the help. good and bad news.. i found 4 more of these buggers.. i guess i bought 4 sets.. two sets were 20A, and two the other two were the 16A im using now.

so i solder a new one up.. and no beep, and it works.. ran through the config.. and the motors soldered wrong so the motors turn the wrong direction of course.. story of my life. laughs... .

so emax owners with the motor flat.. if you flip the center wire over the far left wire it will turn clock wise. may help someone in the future if you are using a CC3D as open pilot does not support turning the rotation of the motors via software in a different direction like you can in naze.

it does have a reverse all motors.. but since that was the direction they were turning anyhow, open pilot thinks it smarter than we are and that is what we want so it dose nothing. .. trying to switch the direction via software instead of hard solder points is a fail on GCS. laughs.

i have FC envy of you naze boys right now.. hmm maybe i can talk dRonin in supporting this feature. lol

anyhow, im done.. ill try to re-solder them tomorrow. also the post on this thing are two short i had to add plastic extensions sorta like how black outs use them plastic stands instead of aluminum.. it should be fine tho... ill measure them and maybe i can order some taller ones.. but for now this will work.

it looks like its gonna be a fun little 175mm quad tho.. and thankfully at my skill level 175mm and above i can solder no problem..

that damn 130 was a pain :D

thanks again man you guys rock.. i probably would of spent a long time just to figure out it was a dud esc.

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