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Solved ESC won't work without warming-up

Hi all,
I just built a quadcopter and need help to make it work optimally. So thought this was a perfect place to ask. The problem is that two of the ESCs spend a long time warming up. (about 2 minutes indoors, and they won't get hot enough to work if it's cold outside.) As they heat up, they beep, and I don't get engine power from them. The drone works normally when the ESCs have been heated. The problems are on the sides where the engines are running CCW.
A little about the layout:
- HW 30A Brushless ESC
- CC3D Openpilot
- Emax RS2205 2300KV
- 3S battery

I hope someone can help me :)
Finaly solved this problem. I got the quad to work fine by lowering the minimum output on those engines that didn't work. Hope this can help if anybody else get this problem.