Scratch Build Electronics MEGA LOT!!! -- Cheap, Looking to get people in the hobby!


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Hey Everyone! Many of you have seen my videos on Youtube, thanks for all the support. As a busy college student I unfortunately have had to cut down my fleet a bit to make more room for my Dad to work when I'm not around. A lot of my planes were getting pretty beat up anyways, and rarely were swapped into my flying rotation. I recently did a major scrapping operation and I have a surplus of great electronics I'd love to share around to the community and help people on a tighter budget to get involved in the hobby. So take a look!

All the parts here are functional!! They were pulled off planes that flew. I will be testing each item before I ship it out, but due to the used nature of these items I will be selling "as-is." Like I said I won't sell you a dud or non-functional item, I just don't want you to expect these electronics to be the same as they were brand new.


Genuine Spektrum AR6200 DSM2 - $20

2x LemonRX 6ch End-Pin w/ Satellite DSMX - $15 Each
- Great parkflyer receivers, one was burned in a fire on my FT Vector, still works the same though.

LemonRX 6ch Diversity End-Pin DSMX - $12
- Added glue to the antenna connectors to keep them from coming off.

- I'm selling the motors/escs as a pair as I ran them, I'll also list the FT Power Pack equivalent and the specific plane I ran each setup in. I'd also be happy to throw in some propellers (of relevant size) for each system.


HobbyPower A2212 1000kv Motor and ZTW Beatles 30a ESC - $12
- Ran this in my FT Versa Wing

HobbyPower A2212 2200kv Motor and HobbyPower 30a ESC - $12
- Ran this in my FT 22, opted for the higher KV motor to spin a 6-7in prop. System is almost new (only flown about 5 times)

HobbyPower 30a ESC "Glider BEC" - $5
- I somehow damaged this ESC a while back but the BEC still works. I used this to power the receiver on my FT Simple Soarer (no motor) and it worked great!! Handy for any glider project.

That's all! Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. I'd also be happy to provide more pictures. I'm down to work out reduced bundle pricing if you want to purchase a large portion of this lot. Shipping is not included, but I am willing to ship CONUS for a few bucks and Internationally at an increased charge. I would love to see this help some people get into/continue on their scratch building journeys!!

Also, I would be happy to throw in some other scratch building supplies (servo extensions, pushrod, control horns, linkage stoppers, etc) as I have plenty of them. Let me know what you need!

Take care everyone. Happy Holidays!

-- CustomRCMods
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Listing has been updated with available items. I do have someone interested in the remaining lot, who I will give to until tomorrow (Monday) at Noon to respond before considering others. Please PM me still if you are interested because that very well could fall through! Have a good night everyone!