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Exploding Lipos... they really do happen!

Yeah yeah ... suuuurrreee lipos can explode.. but really - what's the chances of that?

Smash one into the ground and you'll see.

This is a video of a "beautiful" drone that I build. Took me .. I dunno... 20 hours maybe? Maybe more.
I didn't like how I attached the wings (they are removable) - but it seems sturdy enough. I know now - I should have gone with my gut. So I learned 2 things :

1) If something doesn't feel right... it probably isn't, and
2) Lipos do indeed explode. Expectantly even.

In my defense... the car I had at the time couldn't have transported this model with the wings intact - so I had to make them detachable. I know better now.



Site Moderator
A friends plane crashed nose down into the ground and the model was in a pretty bad way. All of a sudden smoke and fire!! I think it must have compressed and shorted out and just took a little while to get going! Ouch!


Propaganda machine
That's very cool! Had a good laugh. I've seen some batteries mashed pretty bad, but they weren't punctured. I think you got the shot that Team AbbyNormal were going for if you check out their yt vid. Sucks to crash out a nice looking Reaper!


Rotor Riot!
YAY! It's important to learn to enjoy this kind of moments. It really is cool to see a "scale" crash. If you crash, you can either lose say goodbye to the plane and laugh, or you can say bye to the plane and be sad. I prefer laughs.

Great footage, reminds us the dangers of LiPos.