EZ Pint Jet

EZ Pint Jet A.1

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Great little plane! I just put one together. I'm waiting for another EZ pack for it. I was surprised at how well it glides without the power pack.

Any pics of the best way to route wires and install the FC?

EZ Pint Jet 1.jpg
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Installing the EZ Pack:
Attach the motors first, get the wires into the fuselage (if the wing and fuselage are already glued together, you could route then via the canopy or else just make tiny holes in the fuselage for them to fit through.
Then connect them to the EZ Control Board.

I kept the board attached to the Freighter plate/panel and glued that in at the bottom of the fuselage (the cut lines marked in green on the plans).

The board then sits snugly in the gap in the wing. If you're adding LEDs, I'd attach them onto the wings, feed the wires through and connect them to the board at the same time-frame as the motors are installed.


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She spent a few weeks basking in the sun/wind/rain on a neighbour's roof until I finally was able to get her down today.
Canopy needs to be repaired (retaped) and one of the winglets needs to be re-glued.
Otherwise she still flies!
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