Micro NOOB Wonder

Micro NOOB Wonder V1.0

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Building Fool-Flying Noob
FoamyDM submitted a new resource:

Micro NOOB Wonder - Micro or Giant, This NOOB Wonder Flies Great!

Welcome to RC Aviation! If you are new, this design is for you.
We took this 300% Noob Wonder (Link Below)
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to this (50% Noob Wonder):
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With this Video, you will learn how to build our very own Micro NOOB Wonder, by the Aviation RC Noob Podcast, a 50% Wonder powered with the FliteTest EZ v2 Power Pack.

At FliteFest 2023, Joe and I flew 2 Giant 9.5' Wingspan NOOB Wonders
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Building Fool-Flying Noob
I just added the video showing how to add FPV to the Micro NOOB Wonder to the "Other Helpful Videos" list.