EZ Power Pack 2 channel issue


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Hi, I have two different power packs and I've installed the control boards in two different gliders.
Flite Test FT STEM EZ-Power Pack 2 Channel
I'm a teacher and just started working with these kits with some some students. I have only two kits so far. The problem we are having is only one transmitter works the other works sporadically. We don't seem to be able to fly both gliders at once. I'm wondering if I can change the channel on the control board or transmitter somehow? I had at one point one transmitter was controlling both gliders. If I am working with a class of kids 20 to 30 kids, seems we could only fly one or two at a time if they are all using the same channel...


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I’ll be interested in the answer to this as well. I am planning to get three kids out flying ez packs over Christmas break.


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I have four 3ch kits. They can all fly together. They bind each time you turn them on. You'll need to bind each of them separately, and at a distance from the others.. Turn one on, bind, and move it away from the others, then turn on and bind the next one, and so on.