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Fail Safe problems

I was setting up a versa copter for my brother and he was using a Turnigy 9x receiver. I own one as well but I no longer trust it with anything other than a small foam plane after having a number of crashes due to interference. So I made sure that his failsafe worked properly and it did. The motors shut down when the transmitter is turned off or loses connection.

This prompted me to check my own failsafe settings. I am currently using a Futaba T8J and a Naze 32 rev 6 to control my versa copter but I can't get the failsafe to work correctly. I have it set on cleanflight version 1.12 to 'drop' with pulse ranges outside my remotes input but I believe that the Futaba receiver is over-riding the naze failsafe. Instead of stopping when the remote is turned off the motors rev up enough that if it had props on it would lift off the ground and fly away.

Does anyone use a Futaba T8J or know a way around this problem to get the failsafe to work properly?

(I have tried using the CLI to make sure it wasn't the naze board by inputting set failsafe_throttle = 1000 so it was less than my minimum throttle but this didn't work either.)

I'm trying to get it to shut down the motors after losing contact.
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Sounds like your receiver has a programmed failsafe set. What model receiver is it?

I'm not familiar with Futaba gear but often the programmed failsafe is set up when you bind the RX to the TX. It remembers the position of the sticks. To change it you have to rebind holding the sticks in the position you want. Generally you want the throttle stick to be all the way down.

So systems let you set the RX failsafe after binding by configuring it on the TX in some menu.
Thank you for the help, should be able to set up the fail safe properly now and prevent any future potential of a fly away. New controllers are always confusing...

I am using a R2008SB SBUS 2 receiver but I have not set up SBUS yet. Checking my other receiver I noticed my local hobby shop sold me a R3008SB as well probably mistaking it for the R2008SB I will have to check that it works before I use it in my FT Mustang though.

Although I would assume that it won't since the T8J is a S-FHSS and the R3008SB is T-FHSS. (Just found on the instructions it doesn't work.)

Thank you for taking the time to help.

Update: What you mentioned in your previous post worked. I went into the failsafe menu and moved the sticks to the position I wanted the motors to go too (had to make sure the trim was 0 which was part of the problem) and set it to 0%. The motors now shut down when the transmitter turns off. It only takes into account the changes if you turn the transmitter off when on the failsafe screen, rather annoying but now I know.

Just going to tinker with it and see if I can get the naze failsafe to take over incase I ever want to use it instead of the built in one. I think I worked it out, I set the failsafe on the remote to inactive and now the naze board takes over. I'm going to change the time to a few seconds to make sure that the board is actually responsible.

I delayed the board for a 5 second delay and it took around 5 seconds from when it lost telemetry to when the motors shut down so I believe the board is using its failsafe now. Thank you again for the help.
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Thank you again, you gave me a different perspective on the problem. It didn't occur to me to have the sticks in the position I wanted to motors to go too although it seems obvious now. I was endlessly trying to use the + and - button on the TX. Hopefully anyone else with a T8J failsafe problem can get help from this thread.

Have to return a R3008SB RX which I thought I bought a R2008SB. A problem solved and another one dodged for when I come around to setting up the FT Mustang for its maiden.