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So over the holidays my father-in-law (knowing about my interest in RC planes) told me he wants to build a plane with me. He didn't give any specifics at all as far as material, scratch built vs plans, or even if it was to be RC or not. Just that he wants to build a plane with me. He does know about Flitetest and has tried some to build some of their minis BUT he got burned with hot glue (I'm guessing it must've oozed out of something he was gluing) and it must not have been the day to be burned as he quit after that. He has done a little bit of RC...maybe a handful of beginner mode flights on a Sport Cub S.

So anyways, I'm up to the challenge, just need to see where to begin at and hopefully get some more ideas from him. He does like to tinker and be creative and work with all sorts of materials (wood, metal, etc). I do think though that anything Flitetest would result in me using the hot glue gun UNLESS we could just switch and use different glue (Gorilla Glue or something). There's also balsa building options too which I've been wanting to do anyways.


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FT designs do build quite well without Hot glue! I still have a few flying that I built even before I joined the forum.

Perhaps you could find a balsa design that you could build in both balsa and in FB so that he can assess the performance differences as well as build time and resilience.

Just a thought

Have fun!


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Stevens Aero has mini balsa models that are laser cut..I'm working on a 1938 Taylorcraft, a mini balsa model that uses a UMX servo/receiver board...


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I've had good luck with Loctite Power Grab and Fabric Tac. Both are lighter but neither are as fast as hot glue.


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Thanks for the replies...I'll see if I can get a little bit of an idea of what he wants to do, if he has any idea. I'm kinda thinking we're going to do balsa. I had also pondered do a balsa build and maybe throw in a foamboard/Flitetest one as well to sort of mix it up.