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Feeling Centered?


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I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this and I am sorry if I am mistaken. I have a simple technique/shortcut that can be used when you want to quickly and accuratly center an object suchnas the wings on a plane or the spars on a versacopter. It requires no ruler or math skills (YEAH!) but it will let you very quickly get things lined up.

Take a strip of paper and hold its edge against the main body of whatever you are working on. Extend the paper out to the tip of the wing, spar, whatever that you are trying to center and make a sharp crease at the end. Now do the same thing on the opposite side working from the same edge of the paper. When you have the second crease simply fold the paper so that the two creases line up with each. You should now have a third crease evenly spaced between the first two. This mark is where you want edge of whatever you are trying to center. The nice thing is that if you transfer that dimension to something like a stiff piece of plastic you have a handy quick reference gauge for future installations.

Well I hope that is helpful to someone.
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