FF 2015, Thanks Furey Family and FT


Thanks everyone, I had a great time. Nice to see folks from last year and make some new memories. Here's praying that everyone gets home safely to return next year. You all are awesome as is the entire Furey family. Austin should be very proud.


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Agreed, Flite Fest 2015 was another triumph. You could tell that the FT folks had really planned for the crowd size, and the only real inconvenience we encountered was having to park so far away due to the rain and the mud. But what can you do about the weather... Suffice it to say that on Saturday we were able to park nice and close once things had dried somewhat. Getting back to the attendance, we talked to Austin shortly before we left on Saturday evening, and he said they had about 900 registered pilots in attendance, with a total crowd of around 5000.

So thanks to Flite Test, the Furey family, and all the volunteers for going above and beyond the call for a second year! Thanks also to Chad Kapper for the ride out to the parking area Friday evening. His BMW was nicer than the golf carts, and it gave us the chance to have a really nice conversation and a few laughs. Suffice it to say that there are some wonderful people in Ohio.



I must echo what Gryf said above. For two years the hallmark of this event is the generosity of the folks involved. Everyone's primary concern was to make sure everyone else around them was taken care of. Amazing! This obviously starts with the Furey family. I had a nice chat with Mrs. Furey on Saturday while working the main gate. She could not have been more gracious. And then she mowed the entire runway! Austin was tireless in his efforts. I'm leaving a lot of people out. A job well done by all.

Thank you Steve (abieex) for leading the Main Gate detail. It was a pleasure meeting you.


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It was the best four days of my life! The people were so nice and helpful, and even though I didn't have anything flying till Saturday, I got to help people maiden and build awesome planes!
Ditto to all said above, it was so kind of the Furey family to work hard to make FTFF a huge success!!!
special thanks

a big thanks to all the volunteers who put in a huge amount of time to make this all happen
And a big shout out to Fred(flying monkey) for all he did and thank you th the whole Fury family John, Dianna,Austin and Ann big thanks to all
I'd like to second the appreciation of Fred(flying monkey) that guy did not stop moving the entire 4 days I was there, and was constantly being bombarded from all sides with requests, questions, and calls on the Walkie-talkie.

Take care Fred, I'm sure you will need another week of vacation to recover from your FLiteFest week!

See you next time.



Thank you Furey Family and all the Volunteers. Thanks to the entire Flitetest organization for letting us have a fun long weekend full of thrills and spills. Most of all thanks to the people that made it. Everyone I chatted with was super cool and flat out great people. Stay in touch everyone!


I had a fantastic time! Many thanks to everyone who made FliteFest a reality, especially the Furey family. Their graciousness in opening their homestead to literally thousands of Flite Test fans is nothing short of amazing!


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Yep, the Furey family was incredible. Their yard was literally being destroyed and they were still some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

I know there was talk of holding it somewhere else next year but I don't think it will be quite the same if it's not at the Furey residence.