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FF Communications - Calling all Hams?

Hey guys,

I will be attending FF this year for the first time, and will be arriving Thursday. I saw in a thread below that you guys might be using amateur bands for communications. I'm an amateur op, and would be happy to bring a couple handhelds and assist with the event communications if there is a need? Perhaps we can self-organize. Any other hams here that would be willing to bring some gear and assist?



Winter is coming
Last year, the volunteer group mostly relied on FRS or GMRS band handhelds. It seemed to work well enough. I may bring my baofeng handheld, but the thought of bringing another set of chargers, finding power, etc, is a little too much at the moment. I may just bring a motorola FRS handheld set I have. I know there's a license required for GMRS use -- if you're not a HAM. It's odd, because it costs more... but heck, it's there. I know also the FCC was talking about getting rid of the licensing requirement,but it doesn't look like they did it yet.

Technically, we weren't using the GMRS radios in the correct manner, but eh, I think that's the case everywhere. Just go to any ski slope in the Winter! Err... actually, that was maybe a decade ago. Most people just use mobile phones now.

Best regards,
Another Ham checking in. I've done event communications for other larger events, but it doesn't look like we'll have much 2m going on based on the minimal posts here. Kind of at a toss up whether to bring my HT or not. The poor battery could probably use some exercise though....