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Flite Fest Ohio 2018 Volunteers


Toothpick glider kid
IN past years, I have showed up on Tuesday afternoon and worked fully through the remainder of that day and all day on Wednesday; basically sun up to sun down. Some evening flying does usually take place Wednesday evening to unwind but only after we have all helped each other out to complete our tasks.

That said, I am planning to arrive Wednesday morning this year and again, fully expect to work all day before I even think about unpacking the car and making camp.

From Andre's response and previous communications, it is acceptable to arrive early, provided that you give him advance notice as well as fully intending to help out with the event setup. There have been years (like 2017) where not all things have been fully setup due to weather or other complications so even showers may be unavailable. Just do not expect to be catered to, or to cater to the hosts and those who will be arriving for only the event. It is a service opportunity that is rewarding just by participating.
I plan to show up early with one of my friends, both wanting to volunteer for the set up of the event. I was already planning on bringing my own food ( Can two teenagers live off of chips, hot dogs, burgers, water and pop tarts for a week?)


Building Fool-Flying Noob
I am planning on being there in the AM Friday. when can we get in to camp? if it's Thursday, I need to take one more day.
I have signed up for volunteering... (first time) I am super excited and I'm really hoping to get into that build tent! I love to build FT planes and love to help others build them. I have been needle cutting and giving away FT planes to the new guys at the field for a couple years and there is no better feeling! Cant wait for FF. 48 Days, 14 Hours, 46 Mins. but who's counting?


Winter is coming
Personally, I always think of FliteFest Ohio starting when on site registration opens to the public at 2pm on Wednesday.
While the tent's being setup? ;) Getting close. I think I still need to brush the mud from last year off my wet weather gear, but eh... it's only going to get covered up again :ROFLMAO:
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Fly yes... land no.
Flite Fest Ohio 2018 Volunteer Update #4

As we race through June, the clock is ticking..

First and foremost welcome to those of you who will be volunteering for the first time this summer.
We can't wait to meet you in person :) Thank you.

Austin and I have signed a memo of understanding regarding the weather. (lol)
But seriously we hope/are due for a nice weather throughout the event.

I was asked when I will be release the first draft of the schedule and that will be coming soon.
I've learned from the past events not to build the calendar too soon because I end up spending more time tweaking vs planning.

At this point we are on par with last years volunteer numbers but I will encourage you to tag your friends and send them to this link. https://goo.gl/CBChxV
The more volunteers we have the better the whole experience is for everyone.

Last night I bolstered the Flite Crew staff with an additional 3 people to help in various roles.
I will introduce those people in July as we move forward with planning and roles.

Very exciting times.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

And have a wonderful weekend.
Happy Fathers Day :)


Andre Rousseau - andre@flitetest.com
Flite Fest 2018 Volunteer Coordinator



Andre or whoever can send this idea "up the chain"

Last year after the rain a little (and by a little I mean what seemed like a USAF C-5 load) straw was used to reinforce the very moist earth/mud.

My idea is this, instead of straw and only for the areas of high importance -in front of the store. Use the same material that is used for the flight line.

Its all dependent on the amount of rain before and during FFE18 I know just an idea to send up the chain.