Fiji's World from above and a few tips | FPV


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Hi there fellow Flight Test fans!

During the last two months I have been keeping very busy filming the gorgeous scenery Fiji and it's islands have to offer. If any of you want to spend a few minutes in paradise, why not take a look at my videos and see what you think.

One thing you will notice is that I tend to fly over water a lot. Yes, it does seem scary and rightfully so. Nevertheless, Isn't that what FPV is about, getting your heart racing when you know what your doing is pretty crazy but totally worth it?! At least that's what's in it for me and it has always paid off. I will be writing another article soon on some small tips you can take when flying over water. I can tell you this already to start off with.. Flying over the water is not as bad as you think if you play it safe. Keep well within range, HAVE a spotter check for distance and height and simply triple check you gear before flying.

If you guys have any questions on my setup or the way I did anything, feel free to ask!

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Wow great and beautiful. I'm relocating to Nadi, Fiji in a couple of months and am looking for any info on the rc community there. Mainly is there one and what is the hobby shops like if there are any. Also Parts, and availability to parts and HK shipping. Any insight would be appreciated.