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long range

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    Motor Suggestions for Endurance Solar Flight

    I am looking for an efficient motor for an aircraft around 15lbs that is capable of low wattage cruise speeds. My background is mostly in airframes and design so any advice for a motor, ESC, battery system would be huge! My aim is to design the airplane around the best motor I can find (focusing...
  2. R

    Long range flying with 2.4ghz RC link | FPV freestyle | VLOG | mini quads

    For a long time I am wondering how far i can fly with my current setup. Last week when I visited this amazing spot I decided to try this out. I ended up flying a couple of hundreds of meters away from my self! Check out the entire VLOG!
  3. J

    Beginner in need of help with Long Range RC and FPV

    Hi, I am a part of a small startup that is building a prototype of a drone for the military. I am new to RC, but I know that I need to use long range components. I will have two cameras on board the aircraft. One for a turret style camera and one facing forward for a pilot to control. I would...
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    Long range night flight

    This was a flight done around 10:00 pm. I have lights in the plane for take off and landing. Once it gets to altitude I turn them off. You can see the plane 3 miles away when they are on. I use a 1000tvl cam and a 4mm night lens. This flight was done with a full moon. I was very impressed with...
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    10 mile fpv flight with my Bat

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share my long range flight. skip to 24:15 to see the farthest range. Thanks
  6. S

    Looking for an FPV ship - and eventually long range FPV

    I'd like to get into FPV fixed wing. I've flown LOS planes-a-plenty and FPV multicopters for a little while but I'd really like to get something FPV that can be up in the air for more than 5 minutes at a time. I've been looking into either a delta flying wing or something purpose built like the...
  7. S

    Looking for a long range HD wireless video transmitter and receiver

    i'm looking for a long range HD wireless video transmitter and recevier which works in a range of 150-200 meters with low latency 1<->10ms that we can mount on Movi / UAV. I tested all products on the market, they worked but the range is almost not longer as 30-50 meters. And I only find a 200...
  8. C

    UAV for conservation of Painted Dogs (College Senior Design Project)

    Hey fellow pilots! So for my college senior design project, my team has been assigned to build a UAV for tracking painted dogs in Zimbabwe. The purpose is to increase the range of the tracking antenna by redesigning the antenna and collar, which will be done by a team of electrical, computer...
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    Anyone flying FPV in the Tulsa, OK area?

    Hi, I just got rid of my helicopters and bought a new plane, Transmitter, and I am looking at autopilots and a long range control systems, while waiting for other items I ordered to arrive. I plan to fly long range FPV. I went to the websites of the local R/C clubs in the area and none mentioned...
  10. D

    FPV Quadcopter Demo Reel

    Piloting my QAV around NJ in numerous locations.
  11. F

    High altitude 6000ft and 7km range with X8 wing.

    Testing the limits of the Skywalker X8 FPV setup. Max range was 7,2 km and max altitude 6000ft. Powered by a single 5000mah 4s lipo. Setup: Lawmate 1,2ghz 500mw vtx, inverted vee ant. Lawmate vrx, Biquad ant. Dragonlink uhf rc system, Turnstyle rx antenna (IBcrazy). Eagletree OSD system...
  12. K

    Fiji's World from above and a few tips | FPV

    Hi there fellow Flight Test fans! During the last two months I have been keeping very busy filming the gorgeous scenery Fiji and it's islands have to offer. If any of you want to spend a few minutes in paradise, why not take a look at my videos and see what you think. One thing you will...