long range

  1. GiantAntCowboy

    Incredible Mountain Valley and Secret Cabin Discovered!

    A few weeks ago I found an incredible mountain valley and spent 5 hours hiking around, exploring, and flying various spots. Well, I finally finished editing the footage and wanted to share the video with you guys. Notes: - Check out that cabin(!) I'll definitely spend a night there someday...
  2. K

    Bobcat (ish) long range plane

    Hello everybody, if you are like me, you go to the flying field, fly, charge up batteries, and fly again. But the problem is my flights are generally about 4 minutes max, so to help fill in the time, I designed a plane that could ideally fly for a while, preferably until the next battery is...
  3. GiantAntCowboy

    First Mountain Test Flight!

    Hey guys, for a while I've been building, testing and tuning with the goal of improving my TX signal and VTX range. Finally I felt confident enough with the setup to attempt exploring the mountain behind my house. It's not the most amazing run, but excited with the accomplishment and wanted...
  4. duckduckgoose

    Best long range power setup for FT spear

    Hi all, so I'm about half way through my second FT SPEAR build and I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for a long range power setup. In my last build I had a sunnysky 2216 1250kv motor spinning a 9x4.5 inch prop powered by a 3200mah 4s. This setup did get me around 20 minutes of flight...
  5. BS projects inc.

    Help! Long range fpv arduplane platform questions

    For the last few months I have been cruising around with my Zohd Nano talon with an fpv setup that got me half a mile away. Over the weekend however, the plane and fpv setup stopped working, after it was run over by a plow. The esc burnt out (I was using the recommended voltage) and it glided...
  6. M

    Motor Suggestions for Endurance Solar Flight

    I am looking for an efficient motor for an aircraft around 15lbs that is capable of low wattage cruise speeds. My background is mostly in airframes and design so any advice for a motor, ESC, battery system would be huge! My aim is to design the airplane around the best motor I can find (focusing...
  7. R

    Long range flying with 2.4ghz RC link | FPV freestyle | VLOG | mini quads

    For a long time I am wondering how far i can fly with my current setup. Last week when I visited this amazing spot I decided to try this out. I ended up flying a couple of hundreds of meters away from my self! Check out the entire VLOG!
  8. J

    Beginner in need of help with Long Range RC and FPV

    Hi, I am a part of a small startup that is building a prototype of a drone for the military. I am new to RC, but I know that I need to use long range components. I will have two cameras on board the aircraft. One for a turret style camera and one facing forward for a pilot to control. I would...
  9. T

    Long range night flight

    This was a flight done around 10:00 pm. I have lights in the plane for take off and landing. Once it gets to altitude I turn them off. You can see the plane 3 miles away when they are on. I use a 1000tvl cam and a 4mm night lens. This flight was done with a full moon. I was very impressed with...
  10. T

    10 mile fpv flight with my Bat

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to share my long range flight. skip to 24:15 to see the farthest range. Thanks
  11. S

    Looking for an FPV ship - and eventually long range FPV

    I'd like to get into FPV fixed wing. I've flown LOS planes-a-plenty and FPV multicopters for a little while but I'd really like to get something FPV that can be up in the air for more than 5 minutes at a time. I've been looking into either a delta flying wing or something purpose built like the...
  12. C

    UAV for conservation of Painted Dogs (College Senior Design Project)

    Hey fellow pilots! So for my college senior design project, my team has been assigned to build a UAV for tracking painted dogs in Zimbabwe. The purpose is to increase the range of the tracking antenna by redesigning the antenna and collar, which will be done by a team of electrical, computer...
  13. S

    Anyone flying FPV in the Tulsa, OK area?

    Hi, I just got rid of my helicopters and bought a new plane, Transmitter, and I am looking at autopilots and a long range control systems, while waiting for other items I ordered to arrive. I plan to fly long range FPV. I went to the websites of the local R/C clubs in the area and none mentioned...
  14. D

    FPV Quadcopter Demo Reel

    Piloting my QAV around NJ in numerous locations.
  15. F

    High altitude 6000ft and 7km range with X8 wing.

    Testing the limits of the Skywalker X8 FPV setup. Max range was 7,2 km and max altitude 6000ft. Powered by a single 5000mah 4s lipo. Setup: Lawmate 1,2ghz 500mw vtx, inverted vee ant. Lawmate vrx, Biquad ant. Dragonlink uhf rc system, Turnstyle rx antenna (IBcrazy). Eagletree OSD system...
  16. K

    Fiji's World from above and a few tips | FPV

    Hi there fellow Flight Test fans! During the last two months I have been keeping very busy filming the gorgeous scenery Fiji and it's islands have to offer. If any of you want to spend a few minutes in paradise, why not take a look at my videos and see what you think. One thing you will...