First 3.3 GHz System in the World! Coming Soon!

First 3.3 GHz System in the World! Coming Soon!
We all know the story, 1.2 GHz antennas are too big, the 2.4 GHz band would be awesome but you just can't use it with your 2.4 GHz control system. The 5.8 GHz band has been the only viable option until today. But we all know well the issues with 5.8 GHz, it has become way too crowded and the performance of this band is not ideal for FPV; even with the best antennas available.
We love FPV and have thoughtfully worked with a group of engineers to solve this issue for the FPV Community. This has been under development for the past 15 months.
We now proudly announce our new line of 3.3 GHz products coming very soon. The first batch is just around the corner. This will definitely be a game change that will benefit the entire FPV Pilot Community for racing and long range.


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I'm not sure about USA frequency allocation, but in UK, this would be no use as, and I quote from the Ofcom web site: 'Except by special agreement having the approval of the NFPG this frequency band, or the allocation to this radio service, is reserved exclusively for MILITARY use in accordance with the 'Allocation to Services'.'