First and foremost...


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First and foremost I'd Like to thank all of you on your hard work and dedication on not just bringing FPV to so many people but also for providing us with a great community of people from all over. Flite Test, Mr Steele, and many others have inspired a movement really. A movement that has taken the RC hobby and branched it off into a whole new direction that has gotten lots of people really excited. Thank you!

I stumbled upon FPV and kwads about a year or so ago and after awhile of watching tons of videos I ordered a bunch of kwad parts, a transmitter, and some goggles. Eventually I had my first kwad built. After some time on Liftoff I was confident enough to fly acro and attempt some freestyle. Even made my first fpv video.

Everything was going great. I was crashing a lot but learning and having tons of fun. And then it happened... While around my house where I usually fly, I went up well above my house and then my goggles blacked out. Battery was fine and goggles were even on still but had no picture and I ended up losing my kwad. I was heartbroken. I looked and looked and never found it. Fast forward 6 months after putting $$ away here and there and now I've built my second kwad even better than the first. THis time though I've got a couple high pitched buzzers, some leds, and a Tile tracker on it to help me find it.

However I'm still pretty nervous about flying after losing my first one. It's been a month since I built the new kwad and I've yet to fly it. I was holding off until I was able to get new goggles. The ones I have are the Eachine VR-007 and they were ok for cheap beginners goggles but I don't trust them anymore. I had some money set aside to go towards something a bit better. Unfortunately as life does from time to time it throws a wrench in your plans or in my case, car troubles. So I cannot afford Fatsharks or even Aomway Commanders as I (and every pilot) would like. Been leaning towards some EV100's since they're relatively cheap and can be modded but I just don't know anymore. It's going to be awhile before I can buy something new. Any tips would be greatly appreciated or if anyone has or knows somebody who has some spare goggles they wouldn't mind donating or letting go super cheap. Please let me know.

Thank you