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First build from Flite Test


I just built my first Flite Test aircraft, Josh's tribute to the DH88 Comet, the Cruiser.


Still to fly, as I have ground clearance issues with the props. I can't use the foam wheels, as the area where I fly would rip them up after a landing or two. The wheels I have (off the Durafly Vampire) leave no ground clearance. I also need to make a canopy.

So I have a couple of thoughts

1 - Could I put retracts in the power pods (as there is no battery there) to clean up the plane in flight. PP's are easy to build, and I don't think the engineering is too hard. If I do make it happen I'll post pictures. I'll also clean up the back of the nacells to make them more streamlined

2 - Could The team take the DH88 Comet ideas and turn it into a DH98 Mosquito? It would be a Foamboard Wonder not a Wooden Wonder! The compound curves now used on things like the F4U would make a DH98 possible I think. Take it as a challenge !




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Welcome aboard. That is a cool looking plane. Anything's possible, Flite Test just made a pig fly:D. I am sure someone here will have an Idea if you can do retracts.
The retracts idea is in my head, needs a little more work.

Power Pod Modifications

skin front half of inside bottom plate of power pod with Plywood (thin)
Use a B fold to bring up the sides cutting around ply wood.
Mark and cut recess for retract ensuring fixings are into plywood. Need to look at COG with retract, as COG will move as wheel retracts.
Mark and cut wheel well and slot for landing strut.

I also want to change the back of the nacel / powerpod to be angled in to a point, like the original.

As it's swappable I can make a few variations until I get the locations correct.


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Retracts as you suggested would be possible.
Beware, retracts break easily. I would not recommend unless you have a paved runway and a lot of flying experience.
The thing is unflyable, Have tried 3 flights all disasters.

On take off it just pulls ups with power on. no lateral control no vertical control.
It just about glides.

Have changed the linkages from the build video as that gave 200% more travel on tail surfaces.

Elevator was bent after first flight as the link left to right was not strong enough.

COG is correct as per the build video. Have tried it forward and rear no real difference.

Props supplied with the recommended power kit are too big. I'm on 8x4 and it still seems to be over powered.

If anyone has any ideas as to why I'll give it one more go if not it's into the bin. What a waste of money.


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You might be better off starting with a high wing trainer. Something like the Tiny Trainer, Storch or the Simple Cub.