Help! first build R-XSR not binding with Qx7


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I'm building my first quadcopter however I can't bind my R-XSR (ACCST) with my Taranis Qx7 (ACCST); when I bind it there is a solid green light , a solid red light and a solid blue light on the receiver. When I reboot there is only a flashing red light and a solid blue light.

I know for sure that the taranis is EU firmware however I don't know if the R-XSR is.

Does anyone know how to solve this? And is it a problem with firmware?

Thanks in advance!


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If there is a firmware mismatch, (FCC/EU) they will not bind. Easy fix is to update the firmware. Plenty of videos on Youtube to walk you through the process.
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As above, if you didn’t buy the receiver in the EU from a supplier that states its EU lbt, then it will be on FCC.
You will have to flash it with the right firmware. Look out as there’s now lots on the FRsky website and it’s easier to mess it up since the ACCESS/ACCST switch.
When you find the right firmware, keep it on your TX and load it to every RX you buy, then you will get consistent performance.
Do NOT update the TRANSMITTER firmware, FRsky is a hot mess in this area right now, there’s too many potential issues.


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Thank you for your reply, after watching more youtube videos I think my taranis is FCC (because I can select D8, D16 or LR12 in internal RF and there is a sticker on the back that says FCC). But I don't know about R-XSR I did buy it from an EU supplier but it didn't specify whether it was LBT.

Do I flash the RX with FCC firmware?
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